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Let's talk about the importance and role that cotton plays in Soft Toy Repair today!

Why Cotton

Depending on need and requirements, Cotton may or may not have a significant advantage over other common types of fabrics used in soft toy repair (Velour, Velvet, Minky, Fleece, Jersey etc)

The advantages of Cotton includes

  • No elastic fibers (lycra, elastane, spandex etc) that have a higher chance of degradation due to their stretchy nature
  • Does not split open drastically when damaged, compared to knit fabrics produced using the looping production method
  • Great variety and choices in colors and prints
  • High stability (Does not distort easily)
  • High heat tolerance (Sunning, dryer, iron, disinfect)
  • High breath-ability
  • Not furry (Good for babies and asthmatic)
  • Moderate to high abrasion and stretch resistance (does not pill easily)

The cotton types (by Country)

There are also cotton fabrics available in other countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy etc) but due to availability and requirements, we at the soft toy hospital tends to bring in fabric from the following counties.

Type Features
Japanese / Korea Cotton

Vast range of possible prints

Prints are high quality with sharp features, strong colors and brilliant color stability

Good hand feel, generally moderate weight

Not much solid color options

Usually semi lustrous

China Cotton

Widest range of solid colors compared to other countries

Limited print options

Generally lightweight (thin)

Usually matte

USA Cotton

Very standardized color between batches - great color consistency. Great option for

  1. Standardized colors (Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Cornflower blue etc)
  2. Themed prints (Halloween, Christmas etc) and
  3. Copyrighted prints (Harry Potter, Pokemon etc)

Prints are high quality with sharp features, strong colors and brilliant color stability

Light, moderate and heavy weight

More options of cotton types (read below)

Usually lustrous

Note: Some are produced in China, but quality heavily controlled by USA importer


Chose China -> For exotic colors

Choose Japan / Korea -> For kawaii (cute) prints, good quality

Choose USA -> For standardized colors, themed and copyrighted prints, good quality

USA imported fabrics are generally more expensive than either China or Japan.

The types (By Category)

There are other types of cotton. But for the purposes of soft toy repair, we will list the common ones that we offer and make available :3

 Category Notes
Poplin, Lawn, Voile

Light weight

Tends to be stiffer and less malleable


Medium weight

Higher resistance to wrinkles, creases and dirt compared to standard cotton.More malleable to curved edges

Tends to be heavier and more expensive.


Medium weight

Brighter colors (including white) and better durability resistance (multiple wash, abrasion, stretch)

Tends to be smoother with higher resistance to mildew and lint formation

Cons: Is rarer and harder to find outside of standard colors. Also more expensive.



Heavy weight


Which one should I use?

Ultimately, this depends on your needs :3

Do talk to us to find out which one would be most suitable for you!


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