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Have a well-loved best friend that needs some care? We're here!

Is your soft toy showing signs of being too well-loved? Or did they get into an accident and need to get patched up? A good care and spa day can work miracles for your treasured friend here at our soft toy hospital in Singapore. Come visit us and have us turn back the clock!

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services from soft toy repair and cleaning to customisation to suit every need. Plushie Hospital SG provides soft toy repair and refurbishment for all kinds of stuffed toys. Beautiful bespoke grade tailoring and premium spa-level cleaning work hand in hand to turn back the clock on your treasured plush toy. With our soft toy restoration services, your best friend will be around to accompany you for many more adventures and milestones in the years ahead.

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  • Repair

    Did your precious soft toy friend get into trouble and got injured? Or did they get too well-loved that they’re showing signs of age? Don’t worry, our professional doctors will get them all healed and sorted out at our soft toy hospital in Singapore. All minor and major repairs are available, with or without cleaning.

  • Cleaning

    Trust our team to remove stains, dirt and age from your soft toy buddy, and freshen them up to look brand-new again, all ready for more meaningful moments with you. We provide deep cleaning services to thoroughly refurbish your soft toy to get them nice and clean again.

  • Tailoring

    Our team comprises professionally trained tailors who are skilled in patching your soft toy friend right back up to make them look as good as new. Our team at Plushie Hospital SG can also customise your friend to your liking and give them a brand new look.

  • Photoshoot

    Before any work is done, our team will do a photoshoot and full assessment of your stuffed toy. Then, after we’ve done all the repairs and cleaning, your best friend will be treated to a special themed photoshoot in our custom studio to celebrate and showcase their brand-new look!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Soft Toy Hospital in Singapore

How to Repair Soft Toys?

You must first check the parts of your soft toy friend that might need repair. If it’s fabric damage, then you might need new fabric to mend or replace the old, damaged one. If it's a soft toy nose repair, depending on the type of nose your plush has, you will need to replace the fabric or sew a new one on. At Plushie Hospital SG, besides our wide range of repair and cleaning services, we also have soft toy making classes where you will learn how to make your own soft toy, and possibly repair stuffed toys in the future!

How Do You Refresh an Old Stuffed Animal?

Every soft toy friend has a different story, so the care needed for every one would be unique and different from each other. We provide professional soft toy cleaning services for owners who want to get rid of the old stains and dirt on the fabrics of their soft toys. Should they have tears or fabric damages, our professionals can do tailoring for repairs as well. Owners also have the option of customising their stuffed toy friend to have a fresh new look or adding new stuffing to their old friend to make them fuller again.

How Can I Bring in My Stuffed Toy Friend?

For admissions within Singapore, we accept meet-ups, immediate couriers, or parcel delivery. For overseas clients, please contact us, so we may advise you on the best method to bring your treasured plushie to our stuffed toy hospital. They can be delivered by hand if a friend comes to visit for vacation or sent via full insurance high protection courier.

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