Soft Toy Hospital Admission - FAQS

Dear treasured friends and family of the hospital :3

Today we will be covering the very very very important topic on the top of the heads of every single soft toy mom and dad.

When will I see my darling again?

How long does it take?

How do I bring my darling over?

The short answer, it varies. Let us explain why and what you can expect :3

1) The speed - How fast can my soft toy go home?

The fastest? Express procedures with no wash.

As fast as within the hour, or up to a day.

This covers minor mending, stuffing replacement/top up, installations, replacements and other rapid procedures with minimal wait times. Choose this option if your soft toy does not require cleaning of any kind. :3

But what if I need a hurried cleaning?

A safe bet would be minimally 1 full day (24 hours) but we have rushed even faster before (12 hours subjected to weather conditions). Sending in first thing in the morning and picking up right before bedtime is a popular option :3

However, do note that we are unable to do Ultra deep cleaning of your soft toy at this speed.

What is the standard?

  • 21 to 30 days -> Ultra Deep Clean
  • 2 to 15 days -> Minor Mends, Re stuffing, Zip Installation
  • 30 to 60 days -> All major and moderate procedures (including tailoring)

Do note however, that this is a customization and repair service served by only one doctor on duty. Thus, please do understand the following concerns and risks involved. Dates as above are guidelines and may be adjusted based on prevailing plush conditions and situations.

1) It is difficult to near impossible to guarantee perfect outcomes (especially for damaged faces), and thus please be well prepared for less than optimal outcomes as this service works on a best attempt basis.

2) Doctor is also a human being and may encounter unexpected life events during the course of service. Thus, please kindly be understanding that delays may occur in such situations as there isn't a backup doctor available

3) Our service is highly dependent on good weather conditions to provide good delivery schedules for soft toys with wash. Thus, poor weather will always create a propagating delay effect. Please be understanding.

4) Updates will always be provided on a request basis due to the packed situation at the hospital always, with the only exception being -> doctor has things to clarify with you. Thus, please be proactive in asking for updates if you wish to be constantly updated on the status of your admission.

5) Do note that restoration (especially moderate to advanced procedures) is a tricky service and the unexpected is to be expected. If doctor deems the plush too extensively damaged after admission, doctor reserves the right to explore on other possible repair methods away from the plush.

6) If your plush has darning or home mending done before. They will need to be removed for a better assessment and for the actual mending. We are unable to roll back to original darning. Do note also that darning causes stress on plush fabrics and your plush will almost always look different after the darns are removed

7) Mold is a soft toy killer, and has the most unpredictable outcomes. We will reject your requests for services if mold is found. If mold is only found after cleaning, please be understanding if your plush starts reacting poorly.

Please do not engage our services if any of these concerns and risks are not acceptable to you.

2) How do I bring my soft toys into admission?

We operate on the sunny island of Singapore , South East Asia. 

Read here for how our service queue works.

For overseas admission please contact us prior to sending so that we may advise you on the best method to get your darling soft toy to us. :3

They should be delivered either by hand when you or your friend come visit for vacation; or sent via full insurance high protection courier (A class ambulance). We do not want your darlings to go missing... that would be devastating.

Alternatively, we also offer remote consultation and mending assistance for those that are too far away from us.

For local admissions we are mostly operating out of Seng Kang (North East), Khatib (North) and Tampines (East). Occasionally we group the people of the West together to meet at Jurong (West).

We accept

1) Meet Ups

2) Immediate Courier

3) Parcel delivery (please confirm the courier with us)

If you are facing transport issues for your soft toy, please do contact us for more information on pick up by the hospital. We are able to arrange pick up from your location for a fee.

3) What to expect

We don't like being apart from our soft toys for too long, and so we have a queuing policy in place for slots. All soft toys are fast in fast out upon admission always :3

This is what a typical admission would look like

1) Inquire with us + Budget discussion

2) Confirm and book an admission slot

3) Bring your soft toy on admission day

4) Pre shoot + Full Assessment

5) Updates on status of soft toy and concerns/confirmations if any -

Please do note that updates needs to be triggered from you (the customer) unless doctor has concerns to check with you

6) Post shoot in the studio, payment and go home :3

We accept schedule movements, adjustments and cancellations after admission slot booking, thus if you are unsure, you may also proceed to book a slot with us first and decide later.

4) Operating Hours

We are open 24/7, everyday, always :3

Please be kind to our staff. We all have full time jobs and will respond to you as soon as we can. Thank you very much.

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