Soft Toy Hospital Repairs - Surgery Risks

All surgery and procedures done at the hospital comes with their own set of risks, please read below and ensure that you are fully aware of all the risks before proceeding on any works with us

  1. Cleaning
  2. Hand Sewing
  3. Stuffing
  4. Overlay
  5. Underlay
  6. Separate Limb
  7. Overlay - Nose Repair
  8. Seam Repair
  9. Zip Installation

Other Notes

All repairs are done on a best-attempt basis. Thus please expect the unexpected and take note of the following 

  1. Possible difference in looks
  2. Possible degradation in soft toy health and fabric condition
  3. Possible changes in previously agreed upon procedures if the condition of soft toys/ stuffed toys is deemed too risky to proceed with procedures previously discussed
  4. Home repairs (darning, overlay, free stitching) has a tendency to destabilize the original fabric. These home repairs will have to be removed if the soft toy is to be treated professionally in the area of concern. Do note that the fabric condition may degrade further on removal and we are unable to reinstate the home repairs back to what they were originally before removal.  
  5. Facial Treatments and repairs carry the largest amount of risk. Near-perfect outcomes are rare and nearly impossible to achieve. Less than-perfect results are the norm and some degree of facial difference is to be expected
  6. Repairs are generally one-directional (cannot be reverted) unless otherwise informed.
  7. Mold and massive deterioration
    • Mold are very dangerous to a soft toy and results in massively unpredictable outcomes.
    • Massive fabric deterioration (end of life for the fabric) from humidity, corrosion, and degradation also results in massively unpredictable outcomes
  8. If either is detected in your soft toy midway through the procedure, we reserve the right to
    • Discontinue the procedure and wrap up
    • Return the soft toy and bill for the portion of work that has already been completed.
    Do note that a full recovery to the original state is not possible for either one of these major concerns. Do not proceed if uncomfortable.