Pages Soft Toy Hospital - Surgery Risks (Overlay Nose Repair)

This repair is used to repair broken plastic noses where the stick behind the nose (the supporter is broken)

  1. There will be no glue used in this procedure, after degradation due to time, the fabric overlay will fall right off.
  2. We only have a few colors for the overlay (solid black, chocolate brown, camel brown, baby pink and red) Color customization would not be possible. We do not shop for specific colors for the customer if this process is done under express services, customer will have to choose a color from our existing availability
  3. We only use 100% pure japan cotton for the overlay. This cotton is not mercerized and there is no option to choose the mercerized version.
  4. Cotton is a woven fabric with distinctive horizontal and vertical weaving. As much as we try to keep the horizontal horizontal and the vertical vertical, there is a likelihood that it may not be as the doctor needs to tighten in circles for a smooth overlay finish. Hence, please be prepared that the weave direction may not be perfect
  5. The nose will be sewn down to the face along the original circumference where the nose originally is, for typical noses that have a stick at the middle on the back, this procedure will mean that the nose will no longer be rotatable
  6. This procedure does not assist to cushion the nose if there is a hard fall. It is a soft smooth wrap over the original plastic nose.
  7. As this procedure is fully hand sewn, you may see signs of hand sewing. As such, all concerns regarding hand sewing applies.