Make Your Own Plushie with Our Soft Toy Making Workshop

From soft toy repairs to cleaning, Plushie Hospital SG has helped many soft toy owners in restoring their well-loved friends to look good as new. Now, our founder and head seamstress and the Plushie Hospital SG team want to share our knowledge on soft toy tailoring, composition, stuffing, and more at our full-day workshop, so plushie lovers can make their very own soft toys. 

Sign up for our upcoming classes with SMH Craft here! Octopus Dinosaur 

About Our Soft Toy Making Course

Plushie Hospital SG’s soft toy making workshop is a full-day class where our instructor will teach you all there is to know about creating your own plush toy from scratch. This includes learning about the composition of a soft toy, the various fabric types, how fabric patterns work to create a 3D shape, optimal sewing techniques, and more.  

Our workshop is perfect for beginner and entry-level crafters, who want to learn how to create soft plushies as a hobby or want to turn their designs into a small business. So, let your creativity fly high and learn how to create your own plush toy at our soft toy making class today! 

What Can You Expect at the End of Our Soft Toy Making Workshop?

By the end of our soft toy making course, you will be equipped with the following:

  • Knowing the composition of a soft toy
  • Identifying the right materials (fabric, stuffing, and the likes) for soft toy making
  • Learning how to work with fabric patterns for constructing soft toys
  • Sewing techniques that can create the soft toy’s three-dimensional shape

Course Outline


Our soft toy making workshop is open to beginner to entry-level crafters.

Soft Toy Project

Currently offering: Haru

Haru is a beanbag dolphin plush that you will learn to recreate at our soft toy workshop. You can change up Haru’s eyes, eye colour, and body colour to suit your preference.


You can choose between the following:

  • Full Day Workshop (10 AM - 6 PM with a 1-hour lunch break)
  • 3 Evening Workshops (7.30 PM - 10 PM)

Class Size

Workshop will start when we have a minimum of 2 sign-ups. Our maximum class size is up to 10 students. 


Hand Sewing: 

  • $228 per pax 
  • $288 parent + child pair (2 sets of materials)

Machine Sewing:

  • $348 per pax 


  • Minimum age of 9 years old must be met for hand sewing workshops
  • Above 18 years old for Machine Usage (1 pax per machine)

Items Provided

When you sign up for our soft toy making class in Singapore, our team will provide the following:

  • A custom paper pattern design by Plushie Hospital SG that you can take home to use and create more plushies.
  • All materials and machine embroidery


  • Those with experience in hand sewing and using a sewing machine are preferred. However, these skills are not strictly necessary to enroll in our soft toy making course.
  • You will have a chance to learn the composition of a soft toy, the different fabric types, and how to use the fabric and patterns to create a 3D shape.
  • You will be given step-by-step instructions on how to cut the fabric and sew them together to create your very own plush toy.
  • All pattern variations are provided in the soft toy making class for you to create the plush of your dreams.

Our Instructors 

The soft toy making course will be facilitated by our founder and head seamstress Kyo and her team. They will take you along for a ride into discovering everything that makes up a soft toy and guide you step-by-step through the entire process. 

Our founder, Kyo, has more than 10 years of experience in the industry and was trained in bespoke tailoring (gowns, costumes, and bridal). She and her team at Plushie Hospital SG have restored more than 100 soft toys and provided consultation for many more customers on how to build and repair their own soft toys. Rest assured, you will be guided by one of the best in the industry as you venture into the elusive and superbly adorable world of soft toys. 

With more than a decade of experience in educating children, youth and adults, you can also be assured that our workshop can be customized to fit your needs, comfort, and skill level.

Learn the Basics of Soft Toy Making at Our Workshop

Have you always wanted to create your very own soft toy? Start from the basics and get to know more about plushie making by signing up for our full-day workshop or 3 evening classes. Gain lots of insight into the world of soft toy creation from our expert crafters at Plushie Hospital SG. 

If you’re curious to know more about our work as experts in soft toy repairs and cleaning, you can check out our past works. For inquiries about our soft toy making workshop in Singapore, you can get in touch with our staff. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Soft Toy Making Classes

Who should sign up for a soft toy making course?

Our workshop is open to all plushie hobbyists and those who want to start a small business design and create their own soft toys. 

Why take part in a soft toy making workshop?

If you’re a soft toy lover, signing up for a soft toy making workshop will enable you to learn more about soft toys and let your imagination flourish by creating one for yourself. You will learn about the fabrics used, using a pattern when cutting your fabric, and sewing techniques for plush toy making. Once you’ve finished the workshop, you will be able to apply what you have learned and create more of your very own plush toy companions to be loved!


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