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[Sep 2022] - Aileen and Craft Doll Doll

The sweetest and gentlest Dr Kyo to the rescue ! Super grateful to her for swift intervention which totally saved my Craft Doll Doll (CDD) from Mildew! So long story.. 20 Aug I decided to wash CDD, it rained! CDD couldn't dry and stink up the entire kitchen by 21 Aug! So on 21 Aug, 3 hours of dryer spinning was done in an attempt to purge the water inside CDD's stuffings. On top of that, CDD had been misted with perfume in another vain attempt to mask the odor. The water refused to budge and CDD was left smelling really funky. Total Emergency! Reached out to Dr Kyo and her swift response really impressed and amazed me! That same night, CDD was sent in. CDD took 2 weeks to return to my side as the Weather was really bad as SG approaches Monsoon season. Really beyond Dr Kyo's control here! But greatly appreciate her timely and pro active feedback to update on CDD. I was so happy when she said CDD could come home today on Sept 5! CDD was handed over in excellent condition and got really nice pictures before he got home thanks to Dr Kyo's eye for aesthetics and wonderful photography skills

[Jul 2022] - Snoozy and Jaimie

All in all I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to mend their plushie . Service by Kyo was excellent . It was a breeze making an appointment to drop off my plushie and it was all done in less than 20 minutes ! She took many photos and videos for me to check before returning the plushie to me . The price was super reasonable for the excellent workmanship . She even provides warranty service whereby if the defect occurs again , she would come over to any location to mend the plushie again ! ( But it was not necessary at all because the job was excellent ) . I am glad I found this plushie hospital and would definitely visit again if any of my plushie needs her service .

[Jul 2022] Isabella Wong with Winslow and Windsor

If facebook allows I would give 6 stars hahahahha

I came across the Plushie Hospital on Instagram while looking out professional cleaning services for my precious soft toys- 2 classic pooh bears. It has been tough for me because the bears are sentimental for me and their fur is delicate. Initially I only planned on taking cleaning services but Plushie Hospital has delivered such professionalism that I hired them for more services such as weight adjustment (restuffing) and tailoring for the plushies for my special occasion.

Before requesting the services, the communication with the toy doctor, Kyo was absolutely a bliss. Kyo patiently answered my enquiries, addressed to my concerns and detailly explained what my bears would go through. I felt at ease the moment Kyo asked me "May I know they are Sir/Madame?" because this shows hospital understands and respects customer's beloved soft toys. Also, the toy doctor asked how old are the boys so could estimate the wear & tear level of the plushies. I was surprised how humanly they showed while being professional doing diagnosis on the plushies. The attitude and the questions from the toy doctor shows they care about every small details and they do proper assessments before taking care of the plushies from the owner. The cost was transparent too. Kyo did the quotation of the deep cleansing services and also gave me approximate price range on other services I enquired on.

I was out of country for few weeks after sending my bears to the hospital. Plushie Hospital understood my concerns on my bears and updated me with photos on their progress. I felt at ease and really appreciated for the updates, all these small details proven my precious plushies were in good hands. One of my pooh had done restuffing in Australia Toy hospital before and was overstuffed till he looked like a muscle pooh. Kyo updated with details including his weight and how much weight the bear needed to lose in order to match his brother pooh. therefore going on diet in the hospital XD. If it wasn't plushie hospital, I wouldn't even know the bears' old stuffings are different material from each other. Kyo even took a closer shot of old original/ old australian/ new hospital stuffings side by side to show me the differences between each characteristics before the bear went through the weightloss program. I trust the staff judgement and it turned out great when I picked up the bears.

After deep cleansing and weight adjustment, I felt that the hospital services were so professional so I decided to add on requesting tailoring service too. It was a fun process to communicate with the staffs about my expectations and what were technically achievable for the bears - since my bears are hunched back/big head/round ass/ big tummy LOL. I felt bad to keep the staff up till late coz it was close to my big day and we were rushing but I was so grateful for their patience and hardwork.

Kyo took my requests then drafted on the photos, even took some reference pictures from other designs for brainstorming. It was fun and instead of having a traditional service provider and customer relationship I felt it transformed into a friendship that holds mutual interest working on a project together. The tailoring outfit turned up great and so lovely that made the bears so eye-catching and ultra-cute on the day (at the end both mama and the seamstress had cuteness aggression after outfit completed) . I was glad to know my toy Doctor had fun designing the outfit and enjoyed taking photos of the bears modelling too.

Overall I would recommend to anyone that values their companion / sentimental plushies to take the Plushie Hospital services. I'm moving overseas but I know I will always come back to the Plushie Hospital for my plushies because I know my precious companions will be under good hands. It doesn't matter if my plushies will be too old because Plushie Hospital has been showing tender, love and care to all the admissions and I know staffs here are trying their best to do what they can to extend our precious companion life  :D🥰

[Jun 2021] Kelabu

 I am thoroughly impressed with Kyo's service and the 5-star worthy hospitality my Kelabu was given during his stay at plushie's hospital! Kelabu is incredibly clean now and totally renewed; truly a testament to Kyo's talent. Furthermore, Kyo was always punctual and easy to deal with. She explained everything in great detail and it showed that she is knowledgable and good at her job. The price is really unbeatable hence I offered additional tip to compliment how great my experience is.

Kelabu is a special cat to me because I had him since I was 4, and Kyo has been so gentle and respectful throughout the whole process. She gave me regular updates and told me what are the realistic outcomes since Kelabu was indeed a difficult case due to his old age. I am just so glad that Kyo gave Kelabu the pampering and revitalisation that he so desperately needs! Her approach shows that this is not just a side job for her. She values all the plushies trusted under her care and I couldn't be happier. <3

[May 2021] Haru

i was actually really reluctant to send my small baby to get fixed up although he was really falling apart. but plushie hospital made it so worth it and more !! just absolutely amazing service and i'm so so grateful to have found them. they took such good care of my small and i can finally cuddle him again without worrying about breaking out (lol) and him falling apart. i highly recommend this for anyone with a precious plushie, because i am so happy that mine looks (and smells) so much better. this is a service that is not only affordable but most importantly, passionate about what they do. i will definitely recruit them for all of my my future plusho firstaid needs!

[Apr 2021] Tony Tony Chopper

A big thanks to Kyo for the repair on my plush.

Back when the faux leather on my Chopper plush started to crack and disintegrate, I tried to look for a service provider that does repairs on soft toys / plushies. It was only after two failed attempts (one providing a rather expensive price tag and the other not even bothering to give a reply) that I chanced upon

I decided to give it a try as the estimated repair charges is very wallet-friendly. I was pretty impressed that Kyo took great pride in helping to restore the areas where the faux leather has been badly disintegrated with another material (soft touch) as per requested. As I do not really understand much about the materials commonly used for plushies, I appreciated the fact that she took the time to explain to me about those so that I can have a rough understanding on how the repair will be done on my plushie.

Highly recommended. 5/5 :) Will definitely consult again if I require such services in future.

[Mar 2021] Rainbow, Baby Corgi, Baby K

Hellllluuu !! Apologies on the late reply. But I honestly want to say so many things, from the bottom of my heart.

I know this may seem weird to many, but my husband and I really love these plushies so much! It's cause we got them by luck or during times when we were miles away from each other, so these babies kept us company individually while the other was away. These babies have kept me company on nights that were so difficult to get through. We brought them everywhere and slept with them every night thus overtime they became very dirty and there was an accidental burn as we'll But we knew we couldn't just throw them into the washing machine cause we knew the wool inside would be ruined. Plus there was an accidental burn on one of them as well. So many of our friends / families would make fun of them for being so dirty and that they needed washing, but we were just helpless cause we just didn't know how to wash them without ruining them.

SO YOU CAN IMAGINE HOW RELIEVED I WAS WHEN I CAME ACROSS YOUR PROFILE. Thank you SO MUCH for treating our babies so well. Any other person would have thought we were weird for the way we spoke about them, but I'm so glad you didn't. We have never slept so many nights without them so we were highly anxious but the regular updates on the progress made us feel a lot more better. You asked for their names and treated them like how we would and that MEANT ALOT to us. We're not crazy, I assure you. Haha! But yes, thank you for reviving our babies. They look brand new! I still cannot believe how plumped and fresh they have become !! Thank you for considering our concerns so well about the burn and constantly updating us and checking with us if we're okay with it or not. I cannot emphasise this enough, but WE ARE REALLY REALLY THANKFUL FOR RYTHING! Thank you for your efforts and your skills and magic!

Rainbow, Baby Corgi, Baby K, my husband and I are very very thankful and appreciative of your kindness and your services! Thank you for the "surgeries"! Thank you for sharing how to take care of them as well! Basically, THAAAANK YOU!

[Nov 2020] honggyu @sophhxy

yo is really patient with me and fixed my plush really well! My plushie was kinda flat and she make my plush the right size now! She also fix my plush eyes and stitch the tear well! Im really very satisfied with the outcome and very happy with dealing with her !! thank you for fixing my plush well Appreciate it

[Oct 2020] Dolly, Dolly's Mom and Ms Keren

Review for Precious Dolly
Dated 20/10/2020

Thank you so much to this amazing “ soft toy docter “ who manage to restore my daughter’s precious Dolly who is so “ tattered” and “ broken “ after so many years .. The stitches were so meticulously done and the old garments was even matched with the nearest color and material to my daughter’s expectation choice .. I was truly impressed with her dedication in this coordination .. I couldn’t ask for more ..thank you .. if ur hesitant assured 101%.. it will not be  like original when u first hold it in your arms like wat u first have your precious but it is definitely 95% close .. n it will be with u for many more years . “‘Soft toy doctor” even “ double layered the doll’s head area n triple stitched up hence to my daughter she is extremely grateful  n “ docter “  even does “ follow up “ if my daughter is happy with everything !!!... n yes .. my gal was truly ecstatic upon her Dolly returning to her arms 🥰who likes their precious to be checked into soft toy hospital for too long rite ? thank you so so much .. ur truly “ god send” 🌸

[Jan 2020] cayden_

The bear was perfect and hope my girlfriend likes it. 10/10

[Jan 2020] tanyazc

kyo did an amazing job! I sent in 3 of my toys for brightening wash and restuffing after seeing her work quality on Instagram. despite the very rainy weather she was able to meet the deadline she set and the end products made the wait extremely worthwhile !! Thank you for everything kyo! extremely polite too and so nice !! I will definitely recommend to anyone :)

[Dec 2019]

Kyo is amazing. Thanks for going the extra mile to fix up my plush dog. The eye repair and stuffing was really well done. Hope to see you again when my plush needs to be washed.

[Dec 2019] Bunny

I was delighted when I chanced upon Plushiehospital and thankfully Kyo exceeded my expectations! She did an awesome job in restoring my plushie which has great sentimental value to me. Restuffing, fur brightening, mending of stitches and washing were done. I really appreciated how she was very meticulous throughout; made sure the beans in my bunny are placed back like its original state, returning my bunny to me in a clean Ziplock bag and etc. Your soft toy is definitely in very safe hands if you engage her services. Highly recommended if you would like to save your plushie! ♥

[Nov 2019] Long Ketto

Just wanna say that she ( did a great job on my cat. The hole was stitched up super nicely and she even took time to explain about how she's going to stitch the wound up. You can tell she really cares about the soft toys that she receives (going so far as to ask how Long got the wound, etc, asking abt his gender (which was rly cute n sweet haha) and helping to do complimentary cleaning of one spot on Long's nose). Im really glad my bf and I decided to send Long here for surgery and we'd definitely come back if we need anymore help maintaining Long :) Thank you so much for the wonderful service you have provided !!

[Nov 2019] yongjie29125

Kyo's handiwork is amazing! My wife's dinosaur's neck got stitched and patched up! Now it's looking good as new!

[Nov 2019] iamvivianng

very awesome job done with the repair of my dog! thank you so much! my dog is back to its initial when I first bought it! very friendly lady who goes the extra mile! she let me know what else needs to be repaired at a very reasonable rate I'm very satisfied!

[Oct 2019] marc7777

Awesome service provider! She went to the extra mile to solve my plush toy dog Thank you KYO! And keep working on what you do best!

[Oct 2019] Imagine_luxe

Soft toys hold sentimental value for many, and Kyo did an excellent job with the restoration of my daughter's beloved soft toy. The litmus test was passing the demands of my daugher and the final product passed with flying colours. Thanks for making the soft toy last for many more years with the excellent workmanship. Highly recommended for those looking to restore your soft toy.