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Does your stuffed toy friend need some deep cleaning? With all the love your plush toy friend has received through the years, it can’t be helped that they’ve accumulated some stains and dirt over time. But not to worry, we at Plushie Hospital SG provide professional soft toy cleaning services to freshen up your friend and bring them back to you all clean and healthier. 

Ultra Deep Clean for Soft Toys

Are you too busy to clean your plush toy by yourself? Or perhaps you’re not quite sure how to go about cleaning your well-loved companion? Deep cleaning your stuffed toy requires taking out the stuffing and washing it carefully. But when you go about it the wrong way, you might end up damaging them in the process, which you definitely don’t want to do. 

So why not have our professionals at Plushie Hospital SG clean your plush buddy for you? Forget dry cleaning your soft toys on your own and simply drop them off at our soft toy hospital, so that we can give them an ultra deep clean. Once we’re done, they can return home to you in mint condition. 

Our ultra deep clean process cleans your soft toy thoroughly by separating the skin from the interior, to ensure that every spot is targeted and your plush dries thoroughly after the wash. A fully dry soft toy is a happy plush, and with them clean and dry, they are soft, huggable, and smell as fresh as the first day you met them. 

Stuffing compaction is the least of your worries as we offer stuffing loosening, boost and replacement services to get them fat and cuddly again!

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Your treasured plush toy is in capable hands when you bring them to our soft toy hospital for cleaning. At Plushie Hospital SG, we not only take pride in our deft tailoring when it comes to soft toy repairs but also our attention to detail when it comes to ultra deep cleaning. Entrust your darling friend to us and have them back fresh and spotless. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Soft Toy Cleaning Services

How Do You Wash Soft Toys Without Ruining Them?

Gentle hand washing and frequent checks are the keys to getting your plush toy thoroughly cleaned and healthy. And a fully dry plush is the key to getting them smelling fresh. Wear and tear repairs are also performed better after cleaning services. 

How Do You Clean Soft Plush Toys?

All our soft toy friends are cleaned by hand with constant monitoring, and the skins are washed separately from the stuffings in our special formulation that would remove all the organic and inorganic remnants on your soft toy skins. They will then be fully dried before we send them home. Once they are clean and dry, they will be fat, cheery, healthy and ready to love you for many more years ahead.

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