Soft Toy Repairs - Fur Loss

Soft Toy Repairs - Fur Loss

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In this article, we will discuss about the methods we can use to repair fur loss in soft toy, plush, stuffies and soft toys. Do take a look!

Method 1: Thread Fill

Thread fill involves filling up the places where the fur has fallen off with thread. Take a look at the example below!

This method is usually used when there is a large difference between base fabric color (white in this case) and the fur color (yellow in this case)

The miniature threads sewn in helps to alter the color difference for a better look without any possibility of color leakage (unlike the coloration method).

This is also good for cases where the base fabric is not dye-able.

Of note however, is that this method does not recover any of the lost fur.

Method 2: Fur Overlay

This method is great when the texture of adequate fur is important, and it is not at an important facial location. An overlay can be understood as a wrap (like a car wrap) that is beautifully wrapped over the original spot for a seamless finish and also helps to protect the inner layer from further damage.

Method 3: Full Section Fur Replacement

This method can be used to smoothly replace a damaged spot with a nice hand feel (single layer) but needs to be an a location with no specific soft toy characteristic (no distinctive feature or shape requirements)

Method 4: Partial Section Fur Replacement 

This method is used to partially mend a specific damaged spot with fur issues. The color match and transition may not be as smooth as preferred.

Method 5: Basic Clean and Refluff

Sometimes, some basic cleaning and refluff is all you need

Method 6: Tightening

Sometimes, its really not as bad as it seems. Just a little tightening will do :3




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