Soft Toy Nose Repair - How do we do it?

Soft Toy Nose Repair - How do we do it?

Noses are an important facial feature on our faces, no matter human, soft toy or plush, and a lovely nose can truly bring out the best of personalities.

Just like us humans, soft toys also come in various shapes and sizes. So let us talk today about what are the kind of soft toy noses that we see, and how do we repair them :D. Let's begin!

1) The fabric sewn on soft toy nose


As featured proudly on Coco (An Ikea Gosig's) face, the fabric sewn on soft toy nose is one of the most common and also one of the easiest to maintain. Any damages to your soft toy can quickly be repaired with a fabric replacement or a backing to achieve an amazing outcome and a good look :3

Traditionally made with cotton fabric (non furry) or with jersey (non furry + stretchy) or minky / soft touch (furry and slightly stretchy)

2) The hard mounted soft toy nose

Featured proudly on Snowy (a Minitoons dog) harder soft toy noses are usually mounted into the face like the eyes, with a clasp on the inside and a bigger piece on the outside.

These soft toy noses have more structure, but are also harder to maintain as they may crack and break apart with age. Color matching is also a problem as mass manufactured soft toys may contain a nose that has gone out of production, and an exact match for replacement may be more challenging to find.

That is why we offer

i) Soft Toy Nose Sculpting

For nose shapes that have gone out of production

ii) Soft Toy Nose Overlay

For new noses whose shapes are available but not in the correct color.

This may also be used to hide and protect existing damaged noses with minor scratches or peeling issues to achieve the best hard mounted soft toy nose possible for your dear friend.

3) The sewn on soft toy nose - embroidered

Proudly featured on our very popular old customer with his own instagram page @long_ketto, he displays an embroidered nose that are commonly found in soft toys with flatter faces.

These noses are slightly more challenging to fix and we offer the following to assist

1) Overlay by machine

Usually used for embroidered noses with larger coverage. A new nose is embroidered on new fabric and sewn over the original.

2) Overlay by hand

Usually used to smaller noses with smaller coverage. The missing sections will be resewn by hand in a similar thread color with neat stitching to mimic a machine

4) The sewn on soft toy nose - by hand

Featured proudly on Curious George a 27 year old soft toy, he displays the beauty of hand sewn noses. The most challenging to repair and duplicate of them all :3

These noses are usually sewn with only a few threads, but the exact color, thickness, tightness and position of the thread can make or break a look!

They usually come apart when the original threads break, and the simple fix is to sew back the thread. However due to its precise and challenging nature, owners can expect a period of consultation with us as we try to get these few stitches exactly right to give your soft toys the best possible face recovery.

That is all for this section, we are very glad that you stayed with us till the end of the page :3 Do browse through our blog to read more about soft toy knowledge, and let us know if there are any topics that you would like us to cover but we haven't talked about yet.

Till next time! :3

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