Soft Toy Hospital - Terms and Conditions of Service

Terms and Conditions of Service

These terms and conditions apply to all services offered by the hospital. By receiving any services from the hospital, you are acknowledging and consenting that you have read and agreed to the terms outlined in this document.

1 Contractual Obligations

    1.1 Offer of Service

      Prior to commencing any job, the hospital will provide you with an Offer of Service detailing the job scope, terms, and risks associated with the contemplated procedure. This offer is valid for four days, inclusive of the first day it is issued. If the validity period expires, the hospital reserves the right to cancel your order. The drop-off date can be scheduled between 1 to 14 days from the day of signing.

      In the event that you make any modifications to this offer of service, including but not limited to notes, comments, pins, highlights, etc., in any form, even after signing the offer, the contract and the offer become null and void unless explicitly agreed upon by the hospital; and the hospital reserves the right to cancel your order.

        1.2 Collection

          On service completion by the hospital, all orders are to be collected within 7 days (1st day inclusive) from the date of invoice. Thereafter, the hospital may proceed to charge a $5/day holding fee (collected day inclusive) for every day delayed. It is necessary for you to collect ASAP on job completion as manpower is needed to continue caring for your soft toy.

             1.3 Invoicing

              On service completion by the hospital, we will issue an invoice to you via the website. You are to pay or dispute the bill within 3 days of invoicing (1st day inclusive) and it has to be paid in full before collection. Collection may not proceed if there is a lack of payment, and the terms of collection will continue to apply. The hospital may proceed to charge a $5/day holding fee (collected day inclusive) for every day delayed.

                1.4 Service Period

                  Doctor only provides service directly during the active service period (when there is an open job). All communication thereafter is to be routed to our public communication channels of Instagram, email or website and will be handled by the administrative staff. 

                  Service Period refers to - The period where your soft toy / plush / stuffed toy is in active work in the hospital 

                  • For admissions: This is from drop off to collection
                  • For customization: This is from order confirmed to shipping 

                  (A checkout on the website does not guarantee a service. We may refund the payment if your order is deemed unsuitable)

                  Customers are not eligible for any kind of express response or guaranteed response by the administrative staff of the hospital or the doctor during or after the service period. 

                  1.5 Minimum Order

                  We have a minimum order value of $50 SGD. Exceptions may be given for some cases, but this minimum order value is to be taken as the prevailing term of service.

                  1.6 Order Cancellation

                  Orders cancelled after admission with no work done will be charged a $50 SGD cancellation fee.

                  1.7 Queue

                  Taking a queue number under any of our queue systems DOES NOT guarantee an admission. It simply means that we will process your request and consider an admission for you. The hospital reserves the right to cancel your order or defer your admission if your case is deemed unsuitable for admission. There will not be any estimated time frame provided nor any active followup from the hospital before your turn. You may request to be considered for express admission by sending an email to, and we will only reply if we are able. If you do not see a reply, please kindly assist to resend again at a later date and try again.

                  1.8 Queue Releases

                  We only issue new queue numbers when the previous queue has been cleared. We do not promise any launch dates ahead of time nor are we able to guarantee you any slots.

                  1.9 Quotations

                  Quoted prices may fluctuate based on job difficulty, complexity and prevailing prices of labor and materials. It may also increase if additional work that is not previously quoted for is required. By taking on any service with us, you are fully aware that the quoted price is not necessarily the final price and that you will have to accept the price increases that may occur.

                  If you have a price limit beyond which you are unable to or unwilling to pay for, you are to highlight in advance so that the hospital may consider if the risk of your job may exceed the sum you may be willing to pay.

                  1.10 Responsiveness

                  • The hospital is not obliged to be responsive 24/7 and does not promise any guaranteed response time. 
                  • You are strongly encouraged to clarify all doubts as soon as possible and promptly raise any expectations on response times. 
                  • If you desire more updates, you must communicate with the hospital about what updates you require/expect. 
                  • The hospital is not obligated to respond to update requests promptly.

                  1.11 Updates during service

                  We include before and after pictures under standard updates.

                  All other further updates and images will be provided by the hospital on a case by case basis on the hospital staff's discretion

                  2 Service Terms

                  2.1 Service

                  When paying for a service, you are paying for the team at the hospital to perform a Single attempt on your Soft Toy with a planned course of action (that you approve to) to try and solve your concerns. We do not guarantee that your concerns may be solved completely, nor do we guarantee that the work will 100% be to your satisfaction. There are risks involved in every procedure and you are to do your due diligence in considering if the risks are worth the benefits for you. 

                  We offer you a possible solution to your problems or concerns. We do not guarantee that your problem will definitely be solved. If you expect that your problems or concerns will 100% be solved by taking on a service with us, or that you will be guaranteed perfect outcomes, please do not proceed with us. 

                  By taking on our suggestions, we will also assume that you have done your due diligence in assessing if what we proposed is suitable for your case and workable for you. You will be held accountable for the decisions that you make.

                  2.2 Weight, Smell and other structural concerns

                  You need to be fully aware that this is a customization and restoration service, and all items are handmade. Thus, this is a best-attempt service and you are to accept that there will be imperfections. The weight and stuffing distribution of the final product may or may not be 100% to your satisfaction, but as this is a handwork service without concrete industry benchmarks, the hospital is unable to guarantee that the product will be 100% to your preference. Do not proceed with us if you expect a 100% satisfactory result.

                  2.3 No warranty, no reimbursement, no compensation

                  We do not offer any kind of warranty to all services completed at the hospital. Customers are to perform their due diligence to check their plush / soft toy / stuffed toy.

                  We do not reimburse any additional requirements after collection.

                  We do not provide any compensation for any requirements, distress or discomfort after collection.

                  All damages that occur post collection/return/deliverable are not covered under any warranty terms and will be fully billed if the hospital is requested to assist in repair.

                  2.4 No refund, no encashment, no offset 

                  All payments made are final. There will not be any cash value refundable, transferable or usable in event of issues after collection. For free items given, there is no encashment, remake or refund if the item is rejected.

                  2.5 Post Service

                  The hospital does not provide any guarantee on post service assistance. All post service concerns and issues are to be sent to our public communication channels and will be replied to and processed as per prevailing manpower capabilities. You shall not expect immediate replies, fast responses and compensation.

                  2.6 No emotional support

                  The hospital is not obliged to provide emotional support of any kind. In event of distress, grief or stress, please seek help elsewhere from friends, family or the relevant mental health support in your residing country. 

                  2.7 Death or Destruction

                  Soft Toy Death or Destruction (complete or partial) may occur if your plush is old, mold infested, severely deteriorated or of a type that is unable to handle any manipulation or water. This may or may not be obvious on the onset and may be found out after the work is being done.

                  If event of severe damage, the hospital will not issue any compensation nor waiver of service charges. But you may proceed to discuss with the hospital on

                  1) Possible restructuring of remainder parts into another form for keepsake, and/or

                  2) Proper wrapping of remainders and parts in a nice box or pouch to bring home in

                  These additional work are likely to be chargeable on top of the original quoted service price. You are to decide for yourself to the best of your ability if this is risk is a big risk for you, and if you are able to accept a non satisfactory outcome. Do not proceed with us if you deem this risk too large to accept.

                  2.8 Service Cancellation

                  The hospital reserves the right to cancel additional service or service continuation at any point without the customer's approval if the soft toy is deemed to be too high risk or unstable to proceed. In such an event, you will be billed for the work that is already completed and you are to bring your soft toy home.

                  If the customer is continually aggressive, impolite or pushy towards the members of staff and continually void the terms of this agreement, the hospital may also proceed to cancel the remaining services agreed to without prior notice. Hence, for best service, please treat the members of our staff well. They are here to help to the best that they are able.

                  2.9 Overly demanding behavior

                  In the event that the customer engages in behavior that is deemed overly demanding or unreasonable, we reserve the right to terminate the services provided under this agreement. Overly demanding behavior may include, but is not limited to, excessive and unreasonable demands, abusive language or behavior, persistent and unwarranted complaints, or any actions that hinders our ability to fulfill our obligations.We may terminate the services by providing written notice to the customer.

                  Upon termination, the customer shall remain liable for any outstanding payments or fees incurred up to the date of termination. The service provider shall not be responsible for any losses or damages incurred by the customer as a result of the termination.

                  2.10 Dispute Resolution

                  In the event of any dispute, claim, or controversy arising out of or relating to our service or the cleaning, customization and restoration services provided, both parties agree to engage in good faith efforts to resolve the matter amicably.

                  If the dispute cannot be resolved through informal negotiations within a reasonable period, either party may initiate mediation. The mediation shall be conducted by a neutral third party mediator agreed upon by both parties. The mediator's fees and expenses shall be shared equally between the parties.

                  If mediation fails to resolve the dispute, the parties agree to submit the matter to binding arbitration. The arbitration shall be conducted in accordance with the rules and procedures of a reputable arbitration association agreed upon by both parties. The decision of the arbitrator(s) shall be final and binding upon both parties, and judgment on the arbitration award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof.

                  Notwithstanding the above, either party may seek injunctive relief or other equitable remedies from a court of competent jurisdiction to prevent irreparable harm or maintain the status quo pending resolution of the dispute.

                  This dispute resolution clause shall survive the termination or expiration of the services rendered

                  2.11 Potential Additional Damage

                  The customer acknowledges that restoration services involve a certain level of risk, particularly when dealing with delicate fabrics, intricate designs, or heavily damaged textiles. The customer further understands and agrees that despite the tailor's best efforts, additional damage may occur during the restoration process due to the inherent challenges involved.

                  In the event that further damage is incurred during the restoration process, which is not directly caused by a failure on the tailor's part, the customer agrees that they will be responsible for any additional work required to address the resulting damage and restore the restoration item to the best possible condition.

                  The customer acknowledges that additional work may involve additional time, materials, and associated costs. The tailor shall provide a detailed assessment of the additional work required, including an estimated cost, for the customer's approval before proceeding.

                  The customer agrees to promptly respond to any notifications and approve the necessary additional work. Failure to respond within a reasonable period may result in a delay in the restoration process and potential additional charges.

                  The tailor shall make reasonable efforts to minimize the risk of further damage and will exercise their professional judgment in carrying out the restoration services. However, the customer acknowledges and accepts that the restoration process inherently involves risks beyond the tailor's control, and they shall not hold the tailor liable for any such additional damage.

                  By accepting our terms and conditions of service, the customer acknowledges their understanding of the risks involved in plush restoration services and agrees to assume responsibility for any additional work required due to unforeseen damage that is not directly caused by a failure on the tailor's part.

                  3 Rights

                  3.1 Media Rights

                  The customer certifies that Plushie Hospital SG holds the rights to all images, videos and other forms of media taken during the customer's plush / soft toy / stuffed toy term in hospital, and may release them on social media or other forms of marketing, publicity and promotion at the company’s discretion. The customer will not be receiving approvals or notifications on any releases.

                  3.2 PDPA Rights

                  The customer certifies that Plushie Hospital SG may collect, use and store their name, phone number, email address, IG address and any other forms of contact information provided on their customer database for purposes related to Plushie Hospital SG.

                  We follow the PDPA retention regulations of MOH (Ministry of Health) where electronic medical records of all admissions will be kept and stored for lifetime + 6 years for improved continual followup and back tracking of all our existing and future patients.

                  3.3 Copyright

                  The hospital holds the right to claim the handiwork done as their own indefinitely. The customer agrees to not claim the handiwork done as their own, nor claim it as done by anyone else or any other business. Customers are not to use the handiwork done by the hospital for any publicity beneficial to the customer (themselves), anyone else, sponsorships or any commercial or business needs.

                  4 Complimentary Services

                  4.1 Free Gift

                  All free gifts given to the customer are to be treated as a one off free gift. Customers are not eligible for exchange, resale, refund or encashment of the free gift. Customers are also not to request for remakes or replacement of any kind if the free gift is not in satisfactory condition.

                  4.2 Complimentary Photo Shoot

                  Sometimes, the plush admitted to the hospital is eligible for a complimentary photo shoot.

                  A free photo shoot, if any, are to be treated as a one off complimentary service.
                  • Customers are not eligible for exchange, resale, refund or encashment of the complimentary service.
                  • Customers are also not to request for remakes or replacement of any kind if the complimentary service is not satisfactory.
                  • Customers also cannot choose the theme that the complimentary photo shoot is shot in, nor the poses that the soft toy is displayed in.

                  5 Customer Responsibility

                  5.1 Self Responsibility

                  Customers are not to assume that the hospital is able to adequately cater to all their needs. Customers are to highlight all concerns and expectations promptly on the earliest notice. The hospital will not be eligible to provide support for any mismatched expectations.

                  5.2 Responsibility on Decisions

                  Customers have full responsibility to decide on what they would like for their plush / soft toy / stuffed toy. All recommendations by Plushie Hospital SG are to be taken as a recommendation. Customers have the responsibility to determine if the recommendations are viable for their own purpose and to clarify all doubt as necessary. All confirmations and decisions made by the customer will be taken as a decision made by the customer of their own will.

                  The hospital will not be responsible for any decision that the customer makes, and the customer shall not push blame to the hospital in the event of unexpected outcomes or discrepancies. The customer is fully responsible for any displeasure, imperfect outcomes, accidents or mishaps that may occur if you decide to take on the suggestions given by the hospital.

                  For the avoidance of doubt, in the event of unexpected circumstances, the staff of the hospital will try their best to assist. But these assistance shall be deemed discretionary and on a compassionate basis only. In no event shall the provision of such assistance be construed as an admission of liability by Plushie Hospital SG for the loss, damage and/or injury or the additional cost or expense incurred.

                  5.3 Defamation

                  You agree that you will not, directly or indirectly, make or ratify any defamatory comments or remarks; or disparage, denigrate, slander, libel or otherwise defame against Plushie Hospital SG’s business, services, properties, assets or employees, personnel, agents or representatives.

                  You also agree to not harass, accuse or slander the hospital or any of the staff under any circumstances.

                  This clause is also applicable to 

                  • Comments left on social media channels
                  • Reviews left on review platforms
                  • Online and offline commentary in first person, third person or inferred
                  • Any social media posts, stories, notes, texts, comments, images or any other forms of communication posted under you or other person’s account

                  All unhappiness and dissatisfaction should be communicated promptly to the hospital before service closure.

                  5.4 Aggression

                  If a customer is deemed to be aggressive to the hospital staff, the hospital reserves the right to block, ignore or terminate all agreements with the customer with no prior notice. Subsequent admissions by other people for the same plush belonging to the customer can also be rejected. All other orders from the same customer may also be cancelled without prior notice.

                  You are strongly encouraged to speak kindly to the members of staff for a better service experience. We are trying to help the best that we can and pushing blame or demanding apologies from us will make it exceedingly difficult for us to propose a solution for you.

                  5.5 Courier / Parcel Services

                  If a courier/ parcel service is chosen as the delivery method, the customer shall take full responsibility over the courier / parcel service that they chose.

                  • Any damages, lost, late delivery and issues with the delivery will be shouldered by the courier service.
                  • The hospital will not hold any responsibility once the item has been handed over to the courier service. 
                  • There will not be compensation, refund, redo or encashment provided by the hospital in event of parcel lost by courier. 

                  Hence, please read the courier’s terms and conditions of service closely before deciding on the service to accept. 

                  6 Future Service

                  6.1 No discounts. 
                  All subsequent redos, fixes, adjustments or reverts will be chargeable at full cost. There will not be any discount provided.

                  6.2 No express admission.

                  Repeat customers are not eligible for express admissions and have to queue for a slot like any other customer. Emergency cases are considered by the shop on a case by case basis.

                  6.3 Subjected to prevailing prices

                  Plushie Hospital SG may continue with service price adjustments and customers will not be eligible to perform further services of any kind (redo, undo, revert, repair, customization etc) at the old price. We do not price lock.

                  6.4 Followup

                  The hospital is not obligated to do any further followup with the customer post service. Requests for updates, new information or recommendations shall be initiated by the customer via our public communication channels of Instagram, email or website.

                  6.5 Referrals 

                  Referrals by previous customers are not guaranteed admission into the hospital. Referrals will not be eligible for express or discounts by default, and may be turned away if deemed necessary by the hospital.

                  6.6 Re-visits

                  Previous customers are not eligible for guaranteed admissions for subsequent trips. Plushie Hospital SG reserves the right to continue accessing requirements and admission potentials on a case by case basis. Previous customers may be turned away for subsequent requests as deemed necessary by the hospital.

                  This is applicable under all circumstances, not limited to the following:

                  • New owner current plush
                  • Current owner new plush
                  • Current owner current plush etc 

                  7 Post Service

                  7.1 Mold, Insects and Bed Bugs

                  Upon collection, the customer is to do their due diligence in checking for mold, insects and bed bugs within 24 hour. If there is no response from the customer, we assume that the customer certifies the collected items as safe and non-contaminated.

                  If the plush is already moldy, the customer needs to ensure that they are well briefed on the precautions that they must take, and the hospital is not responsible for any future mold growth in their house, nor any exacerbation or deterioration of their plush.

                  7.2 Future Degradation and Deterioration

                  All items are eventually degradable and eventual deterioration is unavoidable.

                  Customers are to avoid prolonged wet or musty conditions that may cause mold growth and exacerbation.

                  Customers are to avoid high heat (etc: Hot Sun, Iron and Hair Dryer).

                  The hospital will not be responsible for any structural failures, degradation or deterioration occurring post return, effective immediately. The hospital is also not obliged to provide any recourse or recommendations in such cases.

                  7.3 Thread, seam and fabric breakage

                  Thread, seam and fabric breakage in sewing typically occurs as a random event. There is no warranty provided by the hospital for this. In event of any breakage, please contact the hospital via public communication means to either

                  • Schedule a slot with us to get it fixed, or
                  • Refer to our online guides for how to fix it yourself

                  Do note that the hospital reserves the right to charge full price for the repair, and there is no guarantee of express service.

                  7.4 Publicity For You

                  The hospital does not promise publicity for the customer and their plush or all other relevant channels of any kind on our company social media channels, video, website and publications.

                  The hospital may post anywhere anytime at their discretion and customers may not coerce, confront or pressure the hospital into posting contents of their choosing at a time of their choice.

                  7.5 Tips and Other Given Item

                  All tips, gifts and other items given to the hospital will be recorded as a given item with no obligations.

                  Customers shall not utilize given items to bribe the staff of the hospital, nor request for the return, compensation or recovery of the given items.

                  All given tips and items to the hospital will be utilized as per deemed fit by the hospital from the point of handing over. Customers will not have any say over its use, future, disposal, modification and utilization, nor any form of guaranteed returns or mentions. All items given to the hospital will be property of the hospital effective immediately.

                  The hospital retains the right to not provide any form of compensation, rewards, benefits and special treatment because of items given. Customers have full responsibility to ensure that all given items are given out of their own free will with no expectations of return or benefits. 

                  8 Termination

                  The hospital retains the right to terminate the services provided with immediate notice under the following circumstances:

                  8.1 Harassment In the event of any form of harassment, whether verbal, physical, or otherwise, directed towards hospital staff, patients, or any other individuals associated with the hospital.

                  8.2 Defamation In case of engaging in activities that involve making false statements or damaging the reputation of the hospital, its staff, or any related entities.

                  8.3 Aggression and Assault If any act of aggression or physical assault is committed against hospital staff, patients, or any individuals on the hospital premises.

                  8.4 Repeated Violations of the Terms and Conditions of Service Termination may occur if there are repeated violations of the terms and conditions of service, as outlined in the agreement.

                  8.5 Modifications of Agreed Job Scope Any unauthorized modifications to the initially agreed-upon job scope without the explicit consent of the hospital may lead to termination of services.

                  8.6 Forcing Repeatedly to Take on More Services Continuous insistence on expanding the scope of services beyond the agreed terms, without mutual agreement, may be grounds for termination.

                  8.7 Micromanaging

                  Persistent and unwarranted micromanagement that hinders the hospital's effective service delivery may lead to termination. Such behavior encompasses, but is not confined to:

                  (1) Excessive Demands for Progress Updates

                  Requesting detailed progress reports, demonstrating a lack of trust in the service provider's ability to manage the project independently.

                  (2) Insisting on Specific Approaches:

                  Dictating detailed methodologies and procedures, leaving little room for the service provider's expertise or creativity.

                  (3) Constantly Requesting Verification:

                  Requiring constant validation and seeking approval for every decision made, hindering the efficient execution of the service.

                  (4) Requiring Frequent Meetings:

                  Insisting on frequent in-person or virtual meetings to discuss minute details, which can disrupt the workflow and impede productivity.

                  (5) Involvement in Day-to-Day Operations:

                  Attempting to micro-manage the day-to-day operations, such as task assignments and scheduling, instead of allowing the service provider to handle these aspects independently.

                  (6) Demanding Immediate Responses:

                  Expecting immediate responses to emails, messages, or inquiries, without allowing reasonable time for the service provider to address tasks and priorities.

                  (7) Questioning Every Decision:

                  Questioning and challenging every decision made by the service provider, even when those decisions fall within the agreed-upon scope and expertise.

                  (8) Threatening Consequences for Non-Compliance:

                  Explicitly or implicitly threatening negative consequences if the service provider does not adhere strictly to the customer's specific instructions.

                  (9) Frequent Changes in Scope:

                  Regularly altering the project scope, tasks, or objectives without adequate justification, making it challenging for the service provider to maintain focus and meet expectations.

                  (10) Demanding Immediate Revisions:

                  Requesting immediate revisions or changes to work already completed, without allowing the service provider the necessary time to address feedback in a thoughtful and strategic manner.

                  8.8 Threats

                  The issuance of threats, whether explicit or implied, towards hospital staff, patients, or any affiliated individuals, may lead to immediate termination of services. Such behavior encompasses, but is not confined to

                  (1) Explicit Threats: Direct verbal or written threats made towards hospital staff, patients, or any affiliated individuals, indicating harm, retaliation, or negative consequences.

                  (2) Implied Threats: Indirect communication or behavior that suggests potential harm, coercion, or negative repercussions for hospital staff, patients, or affiliated individuals.

                  (3) Intimidation Tactics: The use of intimidating actions or gestures that create an atmosphere of fear or discomfort, affecting the well-being of hospital staff, patients, or affiliated individuals.

                  (4) Harassment: Repeated and unwanted aggressive behavior, either verbal or non-verbal, that causes distress or fear among hospital staff, patients, or affiliated individuals.

                  (5) Bullying: Systematic and harmful behavior, such as cyberbullying or workplace bullying, that targets hospital staff, patients, or affiliated individuals.

                  (6) Retaliatory Threats: Threats made as a form of retaliation against hospital staff, patients, or affiliated individuals who have reported concerns, grievances, or incidents

                  Any form of threatening behavior, whether explicit or implied, is considered unacceptable and may result in the immediate termination of services.

                  8.9 Doubts and Skepticism

                  This provision addresses situations where the customer consistently expresses doubt or skepticism about the service provider's ability to successfully complete the job, creating a negative and disruptive atmosphere. Key aspects of this clause include:

                  (1) Persistent Lack of Confidence:

                  The customer repeatedly communicates, through various means such as verbal discussions, written correspondences, or other forms of communication, a lack of confidence in the service provider's capability to complete the job as agreed.

                  (2) Undermining Professional Competence:

                  Continual remarks or expressions that undermine the professional competence and expertise of the service provider, suggesting doubts about their skills, experience, or resources.

                  (3) Creating a Hostile Environment:

                  The continuous stressing that the service provider is unable to finish the job can contribute to a hostile working environment, negatively impacting the morale and productivity of the service provider and their team.

                  (4) Unfounded Pessimism:

                  The customer consistently expresses pessimism about project outcomes without presenting concrete evidence or valid reasons, potentially causing unwarranted stress and disruption.

                  Termination under any of these provisions will not relieve the responsible party of any obligations or liabilities accrued prior to the termination date. The hospital reserves the right to pursue legal remedies for damages resulting from the termination of services. No compensation will be issued from the hospital.

                  9 Post Termination

                  Upon termination of service, whether initiated by you, the customer, or by us, the hospital, a Termination Notice will be issued.

                  You are required to provide us with your Full Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and Place of Residencewithin 30 calendar days of receiving the Termination Notice. 

                  Subsequently, we will dispatch your item via registered mail within 30 calendar days for addresses within Singapore and 90 calendar days for overseas mail. It is important to note that this duration solely covers the shipping commencement date and does not include the date of receipt.

                  In the event of termination, we do not accept hand carries, hand pick-ups, or meet-ups, as these collection methods do not furnish us with adequate documentation to verify the delivery of your item.

                  You may be subjected to billings (for work already completed) or we may do a full revert (with or without cost) depending on the progress of service delivered. We will start reversion or job closure with immediate effect from the moment this termination is issued.

                  You are to clear your remaining invoice (if any) as required before the registered mail will be shipped.

                  In event that these shipping details (Full Name, Phone Number, Email Address, and Place of Residence) are not received within 30 calendar days, we reserve the right to dispose of your belongings. 

                  10 Others

                  10.1 Changes to Terms of Service

                  You can review the most current version of the Terms of Service at any time at this page.

                  We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to update, change or replace any part of these Terms of Service by posting updates and changes to our website. It is your responsibility to check our website periodically for changes. Your continued use of or access to our website or the service following the posting of any changes to these Terms of Service constitutes acceptance of those changes.