Preserve Your Plushie at Our Stuffed Toy Hospital in SG

Preserve Your Plushie at Our Stuffed Toy Hospital in SG

When your soft toy friend has been with you through many milestones of your life, you might start seeing them show signs of wear and tear. Of course, this is pretty normal as you’ve probably given them lots of love and cuddles over the years. However, giving them the care they need to ensure their longevity by your side is important too. 

If your well-loved companion needs repair or restoration, one of the best places to send them is a soft toy hospital

Is it your first time learning about stuffed toy hospitals in Singapore? In this blog, we explain to you the four ways a soft toy hospital can help your beloved plush toy friend.

What to Expect from a Soft Toy Hospital

1. Professional Repair of your Stuffed Toy’s rips and tears till good as new

Most soft toy hospitals in Singapore provide soft toy repair services for any kind of damage on your plushie friend. 

By entrusting Plushie Hospital SG with your repairs, our skilled tailors can stitch up your soft toy buddy neatly and professionally for beautiful results. With our years of experience in the industry, you can guarantee that your precious stuffed toys are in expert hands. We offer tailoring services for all kinds of repair needs, from fixing minor rips and tears to repairing soft toy fabric damage.

2. Your Soft Toy will undergo Professional Cleaning

If you want your old soft toy buddy to look fresh and clean, stuffed toy hospitals in Singapore can also provide soft toy cleaning services

At Plushie Hospital SG, we’re very gentle when it comes to cleaning your soft toys, even when it’s an ultra-deep clean. Before we get to cleaning your plush companion, we will do basic stability checks to assess if your plush may be suitable for such a procedure. You will also be encouraged to read about the possible risks and concerns for your plush. Once it’s all cleared, and the repairs are agreed upon, we will start by giving your stuffed toy friend a bath. 

The skin and the interior of the plush will be separated before any cleaning is done to ensure that we are able to fully clean every nook and cranny of the soft toy. Our special formulation helps to remove stubborn dirt and stains that have accumulated through the years to ensure the best result. After the process is done, your soft toy companion will be clean, dry and fluffy. 

3. You can Change or Add to your Stuffed Toy’s stuffing

Over time, some stuffed toys may look like they’ve lost all their fluffiness and cuddliness. This is a result of the fibres inside your stuffed toy being tangled in each other, turning into a dense matted ball. This makes the stuffing hard and no longer capable of trapping air. 

If you send in your soft toy for repairs or cleaning at Plushie Hospital SG, we can give you the option of restuffing your soft toy by replacing the stuffing or adding new ones to maintain their cuddly appearance. 

4. If You Want a New Look for Your Soft Toy, You Can Get Them Customised

Do you want to give your plushie a new look? Or perhaps you just want to add a little extra special something to it? Either way, you can have your old buddy customised to your liking at a soft toy hospital.

Aside from soft toy repair, you also have the option to have your stuffed toy friend customised at our stuffed toy hospital in Singapore. Plushie Hospital SG’s top-selling customisation services include zip installations, magnet installations, bean bag additions, and making whole new clothing or carrying bags for soft toys. However our list of soft toy customisation services is extensive, so feel free to talk to us if you want to know more!

Looking for Reliable Soft Toy Repair and Restoration Services?

Our goal at Plushie Hospital SG is to help as many soft toy owners in Singapore and beyond to preserve their well-loved toys and keep it with them for more years to come. You can trust our friendly and reliable staff to provide the highest quality repairs and refurbishments, giving you back your stuffed toy all neatly sewed up and much healthier than before.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.
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