Soft Toy Cleaning Services - Ultra Deep Clean with minor mending

Soft Toy Cleaning Services - Ultra Deep Clean with minor mending

Hello dear lovely friends and family of the hospital :3

Today let us talk about what goes on inside an Ultra Deep Clean service and why we have packaged it like that. Let's go :3

1) What is included

Our ultra deep clean with minor mending includes

a) Stuffing loosening and re fluff (includes boost of up to 10% original size) 

b) Organic Clean (Sweat, tears, milk, orange juice etc)

c) Inorganic Clean (Marker, pen, ink etc)

d) Stain Removal and general cleaning

e) Fur Combing


And you can expect

a) Round the clock care

b) Washing formula adjusted exactly to the needs of your plush

c) Up to 3 full soaks (test, actual, quality check) with unlimited rinsing in our formula

d) Hand buffing to remove loosened dirt and grime

e) Minor mending (small wounds included in package price, etc minor seam damages, loose threads, small holes)

f) Pre spa shoot and post spa studio shoot

g) Updates throughout the entire period of admission


2) What are the possible additional surcharges

a) If plush has a lower quality original stuffing, we may recommend 

- More boost at a discounted price

- Or a 100% switch (stuffing exchange to new) with a treasure heart at a discounted price 

b) Does not include immediate and major damages charges

3) What to take note 

a) Downtime 

Typically 10 to 14 days for small plush (below 30cm)

Typically 14 to 21 days for medium plush (30 to 50cm)

Typically 21 to 30 days for large plush (50cm and above)

Through delays may be expected if Singapore is current experiencing poor weather 

b) Variations

The standard package cleans the entire plush.

However, we offer skin only cleaning for 50cm and above plush. View listing here

Zip installation is also a preferred choice for parents who may wish to do cleaning of their soft toys on their own in future :3

4) What are the Risks? 

Possible color fading for sprayed on inks, patterns, hot press, old cotton, latex patterning.

Possible plush popping due to instability of fatter body. 

If plush has vanish coated spots - additional concern and care required

If plush is moldy, plush runs the risk of further possible damage, as the dirt and grime in the plush may have helped to keep the plush in a "stable" condition.

5) Any additional concerns?

If your plush is experiencing mildew/ perfume/ fragrance concerns, please do raise to us for special fragrance treatment (no additional surcharge)

Ultra Deep Clean typically involves the removal of stuffing through the factory seam (original seam done by the factory to insert the stuffing) and stuffing will be loosened. Thus, if your soft toy face has already changed (molded into a specific shape) from squishing (compaction) through the years, you may experience slight variations in facial shape after the procedure.


As with all surgeries, there will be risks involved in this procedure.

Thus please do speak to us to check on your concerns and the risks at your soft toy needs to be concerned about.

Do take a queue number here to be serviced :3

Thank you for inquiring with us, and it is our honor to be of service :3

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