Soft Toy Emergency at the Hospital


Dear friends :3

Soft Toy emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere.
So what do we do when it happens?

Here are the common list of emergency cases that may happen, and what to do.

 Event Description What to do
Animal / Vehicle/ Human Attack

Dog, Cat, Hamster, Car or any other attack that results in tears, scratches, dislocations and any other damage.

  • AIM: Salvage and bag everything that you can.
  • Vacuum or sweep off the ground if need to.
  • Count the pieces if you can to make sure that everything that should be there is there (two eyes, two hands etc)
  • Check the pet (don't check if its wild) if they swallowed any hard components (soft toy eyes, nose etc)
  • Contact us with pictures.
Spills and Leakages

Any consumable liquid that is not water spilling onto the soft toy.

Examples: Milk, Ketchup, Wine, Beer, Curry

  • AIM: Get rid of the stain asap, don't let the plush dry out if the stain is still there, and get it cleaned as soon as possible to prevent mold growth and bad smells (from the dried remnants of the consumable liquid)
  • Always attempt to do spot stain treatment for fabrics whenever possible on soonest notice. (This may be dabbing at the stain with mild dish detergent, or any other treatment that you can find that targets the specific consumable liquid that is spilled)
  • Try to get the soft toy to a bath as soon as possible, if possible. Soaking in a tub of clear water counts.
  • If able to machine wash, machine wash
  • If able to hand wash, hand wash
  • When in doubt or unable to get rid of the stain, do not let it dry. Contact us with pictures.
Other Stains Pen, Marker, Crayon, Paint etc
  • Treat asap as per normal stain treatment.
  • When in doubt. Contact us with pictures.
Spills and Leakages


Example: Bleach

  • Rinse it out as soon as possible
  • Color fading by bleach is not reversible
  • Follow proper guidelines to neutralize the chemical for chemical spills
Home Cleaning Gone Wrong Soft Toy does not dry, stinks up
  • Find us asap. Send us pictures. That's it.
  • You have a waterlogged soft toy.
Home Cleaning Gone Wrong

Tried to dry with hair dryer or dryer.

Soft Toy is melted, burnt, charred, sticky, shrunk in size.

  • Find us asap. Send us pictures. That's it.
  • Usually not reversible but further damage may be controlled under some circumstances.


Let us know if there is anything we missed out, and we will furnish the list.
We hope it will never happen to you :D


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