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Today this is admin writing a blog post as admin is struggling to explain our booking system to everyone. So please kindly read through the following on how our queue system works, and email to or contact us here for any further questions or assessment requests.

Thank you very much.

Queue Jumps

Queue jumping is considered on a case by case basis. Please write to us at with

1) The images of your plush

2) What you want us to do, and

3) Why we should let you jump the queue

Overseas customers, emergency cases, young children and short procedures may be considered. 

How does the queue work?

In event of emergencies, please email in to us directly at with pictures for quick assessment. Please read here for our emergency list and what to do. The following queue is applicable to all other cases

Step 1: Subscribe to our mailing list

Type in your email at the bottom of the page. Sample image attached below.

Step 2: Wait for us to open a new queue for bookings

  • We will only start opening queues for further bookings when have finished or are going to finish the current existing queue.
  • We are unable to give any predictions on when this is going to happen and we will explain the reasons in a separate blog post soon.

Announcements for new queue numbers will be sent through mailing list first, then Instagram second.

Step 3: Take a queue number at the booking period

  • A limited number of queue numbers will be provided each time, and they will all need to be carted out on this website.
  • A number can only be obtained while stocks last.
  • To cart out on our website, you will need to be able to pay a small deposit ($1 SGD) using Amex, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Mastercard, Paypal, VISA or Shop Pay.
  • Payments for the actual service may be made through all of the above payments and will further include cash, paynow, paylah, bank transfer and cheques. But the first queue deposit has to be made via this website.

 Step 4: Wait for your turn to be serviced in queue

  • Customers with a queue number will be serviced based on queue numbers from smallest number first.
  • Admin will contact you to confirm on service requirements and meetup scheduling when it is your turn to come in.
  • Customers at the top of the list who are unable to show up for the admissions due to temporary reasons (holiday, sick, busy etc) will remain at the top of the list for the next slot but the current slot will be offered to the next person in queue.

Step 5: Get serviced, and home sweet home :3


Terms and Conditions of Service

  1. Every queue number is subjected to one standard admission only.
  2. Please do not bring in other soft toys in the middle of the service period for additional service. All soft toys to be admitted are to be confirmed with admin before service starts and shall be dropped off in one trip and picked up in one trip.
  3. Please do not bring a along a friend or family to share the service with. There shall only be one point of contact during the entire service. No handing over, no decide on behalf.
  4. All decisions regarding the soft toy shall be decided by only one person (determined before service starts). If soft toy has more than one parent or family member, please propose one member to be the decision maker.
  5. A queue number only decides your position in queue. It does not guarantee you admission on any date or completion before any date. If there is a date requirement, please discuss with the team here before booking.
  6. Queue numbers cannot be sold, exchanged, transferred or traded. We will only follow the original booking name. If queue position is found to be given to another person, we reserve the right to drop the queue number.
  7. If you have a big or a complicated order, admin reserves the right to hold your queue and manage your queue separately from the rest of the group. This is because while we can service a few people at one point of time, we can only service one big case at any point of time.
  8. All services are subjected to risks. Please do read through the Risk Acknowledgement provided before service and be comfortable with the terms before proceeding with any service from us.

Returns and Refunds

  1. If you decide at any point in queue that you wish to forfeit your queue position, we will refund your payment for the queue number (if any) and consider you dropped out
  2. All drop outs cannot be reinstated and/or recovered. Please queue for a new queue number if required.
  3. Sometimes the queue is long and the wait times are long. If you decide to drop out, there will not be any compensation for your wait. You will only be refunded the sum you paid for the queue.



We apologize for the hefty paperwork and the long lists of Terms and Conditions. We need them to stay afloat and continue to be of service.

Thank you for contacting us. And we hope to see you soon :3

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Megan Chan

I would like to ask is it possible that I send my patung for repair and collect it within one day ? I come from Malaysia and can wait for there. Hope you understand my concern , and hope to get your reply soon

Tan Win Tat

Are u able to fix fur melting and sticking together?


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