Soft Toy Stuffing - Impact of Machine Wash

Soft Toy Stuffing - Impact of Machine Wash

Dear treasured friends and family of the hospital,

Today let's talk about a highly requested topic -> the impact of machine wash on stuffing :D What happens and what does it look like? Let's go!

As per previously discussed in this blog post. Polyester stuffing can be divided into different grades, and will affect their resistance to machine wash.

The biggest enemy of machine wash has always been the spinning performed by the machine during wash + spin dry, which does the following to stuffing

1) Tangles up the stuffing fibers

2) Knots and balls up the tangled fibers.

Which causes compaction and "lose weight" -> Read more here


But there is a key difference in the resulting difference between a good and poor quality stuffing. Let's take a look!

Minor compaction in good quality stuffing (long fiber)

Major compaction in good quality stuffing (long fiber).

Note: This stuffing is reaching its loosening limit. If the entanglement gets any worse, it can no longer be loosened by hand.

Like the one below (which we will recommend to do full replacement with treasure heart.

Will update on more reference pictures as and when they arrive :3

Thank you for reading.




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