Soft Toy Hospital - Surgery Risks (Zip Installation)

Zip Installations 

  1. Your zip may or may not be installed with a cotton bias tape depending on the current strength and status of the hem
  2. We may or may not install the zip at the existing spot of the factory seam. It may exceed the factory seam length.
  3. We use branded YKK zips, however, in the event that it does not work as intended after you bring it home and a redo is necessary, there will be a redo charge.
  4. The standard colour for zip installation is white or black (6"). Any other colour or length requested will incur a surcharge.
  5. We use YKK zips as a default as they are known for their good workmanship and durability. 
  6. We offer both conceal and standard zip options, conceal is more beautiful but has a shorter lifespan. A standard zip may last longer but is fully visible.
  7. Zips are typically installed in a mix of machine and hand sewing, all hand-sewing terms and conditions apply.

YKK Zips

  1. We use YKK zips as a default for their durability and their good workmanship. They are known as branded zips.
  2. However, sometimes they also may fail due to manufacturing defects. Hence, while the usage of a YKK zip lowers the chance of a zip failing, there is no guarantee for zip failure. Full charges apply for a redo. 
  3. You may choose to use the zip of another brand (brand-less) if you have colour requirements. But do take note that this increases your chances of zip failure

Zip Usage and Maintenance

  1. All zips are to be used with caution and to be pulled gently during use. 
  2. Do not forcefully pull the zip, and do not pull the zip in any other direction other than the two directions it is designed for. 
  3. Take caution to not trap stray polyester fibres within the zipper teeth, and to remove them promptly when found.