Soft Toy Hospital - Surgery Risks (Cleaning)

Ultra Deep Clean and Other Cleaning Procedures


We consider this procedure high risk for any soft toy older than 10 years old. Hence if your soft toy falls into this category, please proceed cautiously and be well aware of the risks involved. 

You may get unexpected outcomes not to your satisfaction, ranging from bad degradation, and complete collapse to color fading, print loss, color patchiness, etc. 

These risks are unavoidable and may or may not be treatable. 

We also do not provide any warranty or insurance for these risks.


This procedure may cause: 

  1. Possible further degradation in health and fabric condition
  2. Possible color fading
  3. Possible loss of plastic coatings
  4. Possible breakage and deterioration of rubber/latex printed designs/seams
  5. Possible stopping or rejection of further treatment if mold growth is found
  6. Loss of original soft toy smell
  7. Slight laundry smell remnant if soft toy is unable to be dried under good weather conditions
  8. Possible fur loss
  9. Possible fur matting - from loss of original factory fur coating
  10. Difference in shape (from compressed to original when manufactured) 
  11. Possible printed/painted feature loss
  12. Possible loss of features that are not well secured onto the plush
  13. Possible ink/marker leakage, fading, smudging or contamination from manufacturer’s inadequate color leak protection.

Do note that if your soft toy is found to have major mold or mildew growth, massive deterioration during cleaning procedures are to be expected

Customers are to inform the hospital promptly (before the beginning of the service) if there are

  • Any key facial or body characteristics that identify your plush from all other plush of the exact same make (unique feature)
  • Any known marker/ink that you or the manufacturer has used on the plush that may be at risk of fading, leakage, smudging or otherwise.

Other Notes for Ultra Deep Clean: 

  1. Customer also needs to inform the hospital asap of their plush wash history (has been washed, never washed, last wash date, etc)
  2. Do note that not all stuffing may be washed or cared for under the ultra-deep clean procedure. But the original integrity (structure) of the compacted stuffing will definitely be interrupted (during removal from skin) for this procedure. Hence we may/ may not be able to return the stuffing back in its original fluffy or compacted condition and you may need to switch it out for 100% new stuffing. This may cause your final bill to include a new stuffing price. We also may or may not remove the stuffing for this procedure (as advised by staff depending on the condition of your plush)
  3. Our staff may recommend a slow step-wise process to check the stability of your plush before the full wash. If you accept this process, there will be a longer downtime depending on how intensive this check is.