Soft Toy Hospital - Surgery Risks (Hand Sewing)

Hand sewing (also applicable to factory seam)

Factory Seam - the original seam used by the manufacturer to insert stuffing

    1. For procedures using hand sewing, please take note that hand sewing may result in a slightly wavy finish (due to one-sided thread). This type of sewing also unravels quickly if broken. 
    2. For factory seams, the old thread will be cut, removed, and disposed of unless otherwise advised. 
    3. There will be new needle puncture holes from the needle and thread from the procedure. 
    4. Sewing will be done on a best-attempt basis as much as possible. It may or may not sit on the original sew position exactly and may or may not result in a slight variation in the look of the plush. 
    5. There may be fabric deterioration or possible future rips incurred from the sewing. 
    6. This sewing is done by hand, the stitches will not be equally spaced perfectly like a machine. 
    7. Heavy-duty thread in either white, brown, light blue, red, or black will be used for factory seam closure. There are no other color options available. 
    8. Standard thread for all other hand-sewn finishes will be color matched on the best attempt by the hospital. Customers will not have a say in the exact shade of color used. 
    9. Hand sewing will be visible if the customer stretches the seam. This is normal in hand sewing and not a sign of a defect. 
    10. Sewing thread used may be in single or double lines depending on purposes and requirements as deemed fit by the hospital. 
    11. We do not guarantee the size of the sewing 
    12. We do not guarantee the location where the stitches will land
    13. We do not guarantee nor discuss with customers where the thread knots should be, or how many separate sewing spots there will be. 
    14. These sewing may or may not be reversible depending on how they are sewn. You are to assume non-reversible unless otherwise advised. 
  • Hiding the stitches will be done on a best-attempt basis. They may or may not be visible. In taking this order, you are trusting our doctor to do her best workmanship for you. Her best workmanship may or may not be to your satisfaction, but in signing this contract, you agree to pay for completed work regardless of satisfaction levels.