Soft Toy Hospital - Surgery Risks (Seperate Limb)

There are many soft toys whose limbs do not share the same compartmentalization as the rest of the plush. They may require this separate limb procedure.

Separate Limb Procedures

  1. The original factory typically sews this with a very narrow seam, which means that there is inadequate space to sew it back after opening using a machine. To mitigate this, the closing of the original machine will be done by hand. All features of a hand sewn object will be visible. Our mitigation measures are listed as follows


Features of Hand Sewing

Mitigation Measures

Thread breakage causes full unraveling 

We will sew more than one row of thread along the same area

When fabric is pulled apart, the sewing will not be as neat

We try to sew as small and neat as possible, but it will never be as perfect as machine

Machine sewn lines are typically flatter than that of hand sewn lines

We will try to sew with stabilizer, but some difference may still be visible


  1. This is a highly optional procedure
  2. For standard seam openings, the closing will be flat (as per factory) and will need to be opened again in future if you would like to change the stuffing at the location again in future
  3. For circular seam openings, the opening will be sewn as a circle and the separate limb will not be fully accessible from the inner body. This means that you no longer need to open again in future, but this would also mean that the spot where the limb attached to the body will no longer be as flat as it is no longer a flat seam. 
  4. Alternatively, you may choose to open a new spot along the side of the limb (instead of directly at the joint) to access the inner sections. This method will result in a hand sewn spot at the back of the limb. Hand sewing risks applies.
  5. Stabilizers may or may not be added depending on the original status of the seam. Will only be added on doctor’s discretion depending on need.