Soft Toy Hospital - Surgery Risks (Stuffing)

Stuffing Boost, Blend, and Restuffing

  1. If the amount of stuffing is to be reduced, the original amount will be billed as the stuffing removed cannot be used for another soft toy. 
  2. If the amount of stuffing is to be increased, the new amount will be billed. 
  3. The amount to be added will be the range as quoted above to be adjusted according to the doctor’s discretion. 
  4. The new stuffing added does not have a warranty or guarantee over longevity as it is dependent on soft toy weight, characteristics, and usage. 
  5. Some shape differences in the soft toy are to be expected as the new stuffing will be fuller and fluffier. There may also be changes in density and weight distribution. 
  6. This procedure requires the removal of stuffing. 
  7. Original stuffing may or may not be returned depending on the situation, to be determined by the doctor’s discretion.
  8. If there are concerns over changes in plush shape, request for a boost without blend. The original stuffing will not be disturbed. However, a boost without a blend will have uneven internal texture (hard parts) and this is something that the customer needs to accept. 
  9. Once the original stuffing is removed (especially for compaction cases), it is impossible to replace it in its original position and location. Thus whatever structural changes that occur will be irreversible. Take note and proceed with caution. The new loosened stuffing will take on the shape and size of the plush in the fattened shape according to the original fabric shape. This may or may not be the face and shape that you are currently used to. Your plush will take on the default shape that it was originally manufactured with. 
  10. As hand feel is a subjective requirement without a proper measurable indicator, the hospital will try its best to quantify it via video and images for the customer to check. It may or may not 100% be to your satisfaction. Further adjustments during or after collection will be separately charged. Install a zip instead if you wish to adjust it yourself to your preference.