Soft Toy Hospital - Surgery Risks (Underlay)


Underlay is the sister of overlay and serves a very different purpose. This method is used most commonly when an interior repair is better.

  1. To perform an underlay, the internal stuffing of the plush will be disrupted. Hence please refer to stuffing risks here as well.
  2. Either a partial or a full underlay may be done. This is up to doctor's discretion
  3. Some micro stitching may be visible on the surface with an underlay, even though we try to keep the sewing as small as possible. In event of severe damage on the fabric, we may use larger stitches to improve the stability of the sewing
  4. Underlay also makes the skin feel thicker (double layer)
  5. Underlay is not suitable for large swatches of damage
  6. Underlay procedures are also difficult to revert, proceed with caution.

Underlay for Beanbag plush

(Fabric Split Control)

The purpose of this procedure is to:

  1. Control the stretch of the original fabric to reduce and possibly control further damage. 
  2. New Fabric also assists to hold Styrofoam ball stuffing within the original body as much as possible

This procedure for underlay is secured on edges of fabric only.

Please note the following:

  1. This is a control procedure and does not repair the original cause. 
  2. We only attach the underlay to the edges of the original panel and not across the entire panel as this is a stretch fabric and all the sewing across will rip once stretched
  3. The original fabric may continue to degrade even with the underlay procedure done
  4. Thickness in texture and general hand feel is to be expected
  5. This procedure is reversible but may cause further damage to the original fabric on removal. 
  6. If the original fabric splits open from age at a later date, the underlay may or may not be able to hold everything together depending on the way the split occurs. This is unforeseeable and hence a concrete outcome cannot be given. 
  7. The occurrence of one such incident typically implies a gradual delay in plush health as a whole. Caution and careful handling is to be advised. 
  8. You may opt for either cotton (100% no stretch) or knit (directional stretch). Cotton typically controls the stretch better for reduced further damage, but suffers from a much greater difference in handfeel as it is a different material type from the original (not stretchy)