Stories from the Soft Toy Hospital - Wedding Prep with Winslow and Windsor

Stories from the Soft Toy Hospital - Wedding Prep with Winslow and Windsor

One of the biggest honors the doctors and seamstresses at the hospital gets, is being invited to help two treasured friends prepare for their mom's wedding day!

The full bridesmaid / groomsman package was requested; washing, grooming, dress-up, bridal shoot!

And we are so so so proud of how well it all turned out! Just in time for mom's wedding too! So let's go and take a look!

Windsor - Left (dressed up as bride) and Winslow - Right (dressed up as groom) in mom's wedding photo shoot

Part 1: The Arrival

First we say hi to big brother Winslow (Left) and shy younger brother Windsor (Right) who arrived in our hospital a little weary from their long journey, and brave Winslow immediately took up a protective position over his younger brother. :3

Both male pooh bears (the classic version);

      • Winslow was brought by mom from Tangs 10 years ago, on her first Christmas in Singapore
      • While Windsor was rescued by mom from Carousel 6 years ago when someone tried to give him away.

And what a lovely story it was! After the horror of nearly getting thrown away when his original owners broke up, little Windsor was welcomed into a lovely warm home by his mom and introduced to his protective big brother, where he stayed ever since in a home filled with love and loads of cuddles.

As they were made identical, we first tagged big brother Winslow (so brave :3) with a yellow ribbon so that we will always know who's who for sure!

And then sent them to their bath time

How is it possible that these two look so adorable in their baths? :3

And after many rounds of soaking and washing in our custom formulated Ultra Deep Clean procedure, the two boys are finally out of the bath much more lively than before!

And here they are talking to each other about how they are finally done bathing (maybe thinking about lunch <(^;^)>)

As older brother Winslow had been weight and stuffing adjusted by a Australian hospital before and became muscle man due to over stuffing, he also got a custom red treasured heart made just for him to store his old stuffing as he is fully upgraded into our high grade polyester stuffing

@plushiehospitalsg Making a Soft Toy Treasure Heart ❤️ #repair #오레오데이밸런스챌린지 #plush #refurbishment #softtoyrepair #plushrestoration #softtoyrescue ♬ COLORFUL WORLD - Shayna Rose


And with that! They are done with Part 1! View the process video below :3

@plushiehospitalsg Wedding Preparation for Windsor and Winslow 🥰❤️ Part 1: Grooming #softtoyrescue #restoration #softtoyrepair #refurbishment #plush #wedding #weddingprep ♬ original sound - XVX

 Part 2: The Dressing Up

Both Winslow and Windsor are the cuddliest of teddy bears, with big bellies, bouncy limbs and big heads, but this also makes them tricky to tailor nicely for. So it is our utmost pleasure and honor to be invited to dress them up!

First, the drafting

Custom fitted drafts have to be made for soft toy tailoring as they usually have different proportions from humans and smaller features. So to make sure that the fit is great, we also made them a toile to check for best fit :3 (mockup)

Special caution also needs to be taken for their seam allowances to make sure that all the seams are neatly made!

And then its time for the tailoring of the actual clothes!

After discussing the mock up drawings repeatedly with mom (who was incredibly patient with us)

The two boys are finally done and ready with their clothes for mom's wedding!

Younger brother Windsor is truly the MVP for dressing up as a bride, while his older brother Winslow looking simply the best knight in shining armor in his custom suit!

For Winslow suit, we made him a Navy Blue overlay jacket and a navy blue bow to soften the round lines of his round belly to make him look handsome and charming.

And for younger brother Windsor, we used bridal duchness satin to make the white areas of his dress (to match mom's lovely satin gown) and lots of tutu tulle!

To make sure that this is as adorable as possible, the bridal veil was also made double layer so that we could achieve this beautiful bridal kiss

And the dress up video

@plushiehospitalsg Wedding Preparation for Windsor and Winslow 🥰❤️ Part 2: The Dress Up #wedding #stuffedtoy #pooh #weddingprep #clothes #softtoydressup #stuffedanimal #restoration ♬ you were there for me - Henry Moodie


Here's the two of them standing by for mom's wedding day!

And their stunning debut on mom's wedding day!

Gosh.... so much love is in the air... and we are so so so honored to be part of this beautiful union :3 Sobs* Sniffles*

Thank you so much for letting us do you the wonderful honors of getting the two brothers ready. Thank you for trusting us and we wish Winslow, Windsor, Mom and husband the best wishes and a happy family forever :3

We doctors and seamstresses here at the hospital will always be waving our hearts at you four <(^^)<


Want this for your wedding too? :3

Contact us to find out more!

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