Stories from the Soft Toy Hospital - Wedding Prep with Yenuo and Pypy

Stories from the Soft Toy Hospital - Wedding Prep with Yenuo and Pypy

Two wedding preps in one week! Oh my gosh. What a ride! :3

We are super duper honored to be invited by these brides to dress their treasured friends (so much trust! :3) and it has truly been an amazing process designing and deciding on the final outfit!

For this post, will be talking about Wedding Prep with Yenuo and Pypy today, which is a completely different journey from the previous trip with Winslow and Windsor so let's go! :D

Part 1: The meet up

We first met up with the handsome boy Pypy at Tampines MRT station for a meet and greet to see the handsome boy, and to also discuss with mom Yenuo on what she hopes to achieve for Pypy's suit!

  • Pypy is 21 years old and a free gift from a snoopy anniversary event that mom's parents brought family tickets for, so he is truly a limited edition darling and has lived through many ups and downs in life with mom!

Pypy will not be staying over for the duration of the tailoring, so we decided to design his suit based on an existing shirt that he has.

You can see how tiny his shirt is, which means a lot of challenge coming up to design and create a suit for the handsome boy :3 (We honestly couldn't wait to make him handsome no matter what XD).

Mom also chose an amazing design online for the suit and this is what we will be working on :3

Due to Pypy's slim figure and size considerations. We merged the white inner vest with the exterior suit to ensure that Pypy would be able to support the suit well :D

And with a quick goodbye to mom and the lovely Pypy, we headed back home to start on our design process!

Part 2: The first mock up

We begun drawing the paper pattern for Pypy's suit, basing it off the yellow shirt that mom provided. It was a challenge dealing with the tiny pieces... but tiny is cute right :3

Then we started hunting for lace and accessories to groom up the suit :3 And because its so small, this tiny lace is all we found that would work XD

Thereafter, we calculated the seams, planned the mockup and went straight to actual fabric to try it out!

You can spot in the bottom right of the image below that we really tried to add more details to the blazer but gosh... too small XD

We used bridal grade duchess satin which is well known for its brilliant luster but also its extreme ability to fray :3 And so the way seams are sewn become super important.

Part 3: First official make

Tracing the patterns onto the actual fabric, we steamed and heat shocked all the seams to perfection.

Made a tiny ribbon too

And we have our first final edition! :3


Countdown 3 days to pre-wedding shoot, we met up with mom and Pypy for the first suit fitting :D

And..... it doesn't fit.

Because we forgot.... Pypy has beanbag hands.

Oh gosh.

Part 4: Second official make

So back to the drawing board we go! :D

This time to adjust the sleeves even bigger to fit Pypy's hands

(Green is old and yellow is new)

And with Pypy now sitting in for the fitting and doing Quality Assurance in his sleeping bag on our mannequin. The race is on to get the second suit completed within the day!

Pypy snuggling in his sleeping bag waiting for us to call him :3

Pypy doing his fitting :3 And it fits!

So as we were finishing up.... BAM! Murphy Law arrived. And this happened.


So it is with a heavy heart that we sent Pypy home.

And mom has to come back for a third meetup to get his suit (Thank you so much patient mom Yenuo, we love you :3)

Part 5: Third official make - Ok this one is final we promise XD

With 2 makes under our belt, number 3 received the best bespoke tailoring we could offer, with beautifully pressed heat shocked seams (bespoke suit grade) and the shiny beautiful gloss of premium bridal duchess satin.

Look at the tiny stitching and the beautiful seams

And the 3 suits side by side (we reused the ribbon because it was the best ribbon out of 6 attempts :3)

Tagged the top with our clothing label and packed to rush and meet Pypy and mom :3 (The pre-wedding shoot is tomorrow at this point! Less than 24 hours left!)

And mom and doctor both held our breathes as Pypy slide his arms into the new suit :3 *Covers eyes in anticipation*


The handsome boy Pypy is fully dressed and looking absolutely handsome in his new suit!

And finally the prewedding shoot :3

Mom Yenuo is a lovely bride and handsome Pypy is a handsome Guest of Honor here to welcome his new dad to be into the family :3

Thank you for reading through our lovely journey preparing Pypy's suit with mom Yenuo. And thank you once again Mom Yenuo for all the trust in us!

We can't wait to see all the eyeballs Pypy will steal with his lovely looks at your wedding <(^^)<


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