4 Plushie Customisation Ideas from Our Stuffed Toy Hospital

4 Plushie Customisation Ideas from Our Stuffed Toy Hospital

Some soft toys might already come with their very own special features when you first get them, whether it’s clothes, accessories, magnets, or even electronics. But some plushies come as they are without any clothing or accessories, just their simple adorable form. Of course, you’ll still love them dearly. However, if a special occasion is coming up, like a birthday, wedding, or anniversary, the idea of customising them to make them look extra special might come to mind. 

If that’s what you’ve been considering, you can have expert tailors customise them to your preference and add a unique touch to your well-loved friend. 

At Plushie Hospital SG, when we do soft toy repairs for our customers, they also have the option to have them customised. If you want to add something in particular to your soft toy friend, you can tell our friendly staff your preference, and they will be at your service

Don’t have any customisation ideas yet? Not to worry! We’ve got you covered. Here are some customisation suggestions that you might want for your well-loved companion:

1. Clothing and Accessories

Make your soft toy look dapper and even more adorable during anniversaries, summer outings, or other special occasions with clothing and accessories. After all, coming up with clothes and accessories that might suit them can be fun and exciting.

Whether you want to give your soft toy a pretty dress for a wedding or a comfy shirt and trousers for a summer outing, you can have them tailor-made for your soft toy when you bring them to our stuffed toy hospital in Singapore. Just send in a design for clothing and accessories that you want for your plushie, and our team will get to work on bringing your stylish vision to life.

2. Customised Carrying Bags

If you want to travel around with your soft toy friend, getting a customised carrying bag for them might come in handy. Carrying bags can keep your soft toy companion safe while you go to different places with them. At the same time, they’re great for storing them and keeping the dust away too. 

After sending in your soft toy buddy for repair and cleaning, are you keen on ensuring they stay neat and clean for longer? Our staff can create a custom carrying bag, just for you and your plushie. Let our staff know your preference on how you want your soft toy’s carrying bag to look. Rest assured that we can create a chic, high-quality bag that will look perfect as you go on memorable trips with your stuffed toy companion. 

3. Zipper Installation

Do you want to have a zipper installed? Typically, zippers are installed to make cleaning your soft toy easier. However, zip installations can also be great for storing sweet surprises for your special someone, whether it’s a birthday, engagement, or even an anniversary. Easily hide your gift inside the plushie and surprise them - make the occasion even more memorable and your plushie a lot more special.  

If you want to install a zipper for a soft toy that holds significant value, bring them to our stuffed toy hospital, and our team can help you get it sewn in. We can also add in more stuffing or make add bean bags if you wish to add more weight to your soft toy.

4. Magnet Installation

With magnets installed, your soft toy friend can do new poses for pictorials. Usually, the magnets are installed on their hands, which makes it easier for them to wrap their soft arms around another soft toy friend.

When you visit Plushie Hospital SG for a soft toy restoration, you can also request our friendly staff to install magnets on whichever part of your plush toy friend. We can also hold a photoshoot to capture all the new unique poses your revamped soft toy friend can do.

The Stuffed Toy Hospital in Singapore You Can Rely On

If you want to freshen your old soft toy companion that holds a special place in your heart, you can bring them to Plushie Hospital SG. We provide high-quality soft toy repair and cleaning services, so you can prolong the lifespan of your plushie. Should you want to give them a whole new look or add new features for birthdays, reunions, weddings, or other big events in your life, our team offers customisation services too. 

Want to know more about the work we do at Plushie Hospital SG? Contact us today.
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