Soft Toy Repairs - Velour (Synthetic Velvet) vs Minky

Soft Toy Repairs - Velour (Synthetic Velvet) vs Minky

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Let us talk today about the difference between Velour (Synthetic Velvet) and Minky :3

First, how are they similar?

Both of these fabrics are classified under short fur fabrics, which means that the fur on these fabrics are between 2mm to 5mm. Longer fur lengths would be classified under faux fur.

They are the most common type of fabric used in soft toys made in recent times, for their smooth silky feeling, softness, and ease of manufacturing (easier to sew with short fur and more features can be easily made and shown)

They also do not have fur matting issues, which makes them low maintenance and a joy to have around :3

What's the difference between the two then?

Velour (Synthetic Velvet) is:

1) Thicker in fur concentration (denser)

2) Less Stretchy compared to Minky

3) Offers more concentrated colors

and generally of better quality (and thus the higher price).

While Minky is:

1) More Stretchy

2) Offers more vibrant color options

They work hand in hand to provide a vast range of short fur fabrics to create the many short fur soft toys we have around us :3

So, how should I choose what is best for me?

Velour, despite the better quality (as a fabric type), tends to have more limited color options, and thus if color is most important (such as in repairs and specific customization), it would be best to choose the fabric type with the closest color available.

Else, if you are working with a common color (black/white) or can be flexible with the customization, velour would be the preferred choice for their higher durability and fur density.

Do browse through our range of fabric colors and offerings to determine what would suit you best :3


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