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Plushie Hospital SG

Shifted - Type IG account and Phone number in notes

Shifted - Type IG account and Phone number in notes

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Dear friends and family of the hospital :3

To help Kyo and her team better manage the queue and react in event of troubles (bad weather, doctor sick, covid etc) Please kindly check out this product to take a queue number.

Do let us know separately if you have any deadlines that MUST be met.

Else we will contact you close to your turn (1 to 2 weeks before).

Note: This product is only for customers who have been separately advised to check out this product.

We will refund the sum on check in

Shipping & Returns

Product will be shipped via tracked mail

Singpost - Singapore and Malaysia

And DHL for other countries

No returns/refunds once ordered. Contact us for product or shipping issues.

Terms and Conditions of Service

Please do note the following conditions of this purchase 

1. Taking a queue number only means that we will contact you when your queue number has been reached. DO NOT take a number if you are unable to accept that you may not be served during your preferred schedule. Your admission date will be decided by the circumstances and the schedules of the people before you. If you want rapid service, good updates on queue status and/or have deadlines to meet, this queue is not for you.

2. Purchasing anything on our store does not guarantee a service. All cases and admissions will be assessed on a case by case basis and we may refund your purchase in full if your case is deemed unsuitable.

3. We have a minimum spending of $25 per booking. Hence if you are purchasing less than $25 for a job, we will refund you.

4. Before purchasing any service on this website, you need to communicate with members of our staff for your case/requirement to be assessed and deemed fit for admission. We will refund any unknown orders if we are unable to locate any prior arrangements between you and us

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